Over 110,000 people die annually from legally prescribed drugs.

We are concerned about gun laws and gun safety.  While it’s tragic that these horrendous occurrences cause so much heartache, the number of people that are killed by guns pale in comparison by the people who die from legally prescribed drugs.  It has been estimated that 12,000 people die annually from guns.  Over 110,000 people die annually from legally prescribed drugs for the treatment of diseases.  Most drugs cause cancer.  Take, for example, a recent commercial I heard on TV about a drug for the treatment of asthma.  Asthma should not be taken lightly, but the drugs prescribed to treat asthma are more dangerous than the breathing problem.  The commercial was quick to call out that the drug could not cure asthma but could lessen the symptoms, and in the long list of side effects cautioned the listeners that the drug may cause cancer or even death.  I think our health care system is failing when the drugs become more dangerous than the disease.