Our diets have changed more in the last 100 years than the previous 3 million years.

For no scientific reason, the medical experts have denounced fats.  In the early 1900s when good, healthy fats were consumed like whole milk, beef, pork, lard, butter, and eggs, there was little or no heart disease.  A highly thought of medical expert without any scientific studies shared his opinion that fats were bad for the human body.  Being the pied piper that he was, everybody followed suit.  So the contents of foods thought to be healthy were those that were fat free or low fat.  That left the window open for the only thing there was left to eat was a high content of grains, refined carbohydrates, bread, pasta, desserts and omega-6 fatty acids which were not consumed in the early 1900s.  So how has this change of diet affected America?  Out of 37 industrialized nations monitored by the World Health Organization, America is 37th, the sickest country in the world.   Americans consume 80% of the entire world’s manufactured pain relieving drugs plus 60% of all manufactured drugs worldwide.  American’s are digging their graves with their teeth.  Rather than prescribing drugs for these so called diseases, we need an education in proper nutrition and health, but I don’t see that happening soon as all the commercial fast food interests and drug companies are spending millions lobbying Washington.  Our health care system will destroy America.