Our bodies are not deficient in drugs.

Doctors are great mechanics.  They can do unbelievable surgery.  They can work miracles attaching severed limbs, fingers and toes.  But, when it comes to health and nutrition, they fail miserably.  Because, what we call disease today isn’t disease but a disorder.  One of my subscribers sent me an article about how native Indians view disease.  They too do not agree with our body being diseased but being out-of-balance with nature.  I agree with doctors when they say there is no cure for 90% of the diseases they treat.  They can take away some of the symptoms with drugs, but eventually the symptoms come back stronger than ever.  Then more drugs are prescribed because the drugs don’t treat the cause, they treat the symptoms.  Our bodies are not deficient in drugs.  We become out-of-balance with nature because we are not getting the vitamins and minerals and other accessory food factors that our bodies require to be in balance with nature.  We have no educator or teacher who can provide the knowledge and wisdom to tell us how to live and eat.  So, the TV becomes the educator.  Adults and children sit in front of the TV an average of 4-5 hours per day and only have a family conversation of about 15 minutes  a day.  Doctor means teacher, but you can only teach what you know, and doctors don’t know how to prevent disease or inform their patients about diet and nutrition.  Therefore, the drugs of today become our health care system.  I’ll bet you not one doctor in a thousand asks their patients what they eat and how the quality of their lifestyle is.  Remember, food is your medicine and medicine is your food.  The closest diet to mankind for health, vitality and longevity is the Paleo Diet.