Osteoporosis is Not a Disease

Osteoporosis is the consequence of the American diet combined with a deficiency of minerals, particularly calcium, but other nutrients as well to improve the absorption of calcium.  All the available drugs prescribed by physicians to treat bone loss are dangerous.  The information on these drugs, which generically are called bisphosphonates, are suggested to be used only temporarily.  Just think about that statement.  Drugs to treat bone loss are to be used temporarily.  So, if they are only to be used temporarily, what will continue to make and support new bone health on an ongoing basis?  It might surprise you to learn that bones are living tissue.  Calcium and other minerals are lost from the bone on a daily basis and a new supply of calcium and minerals are replaced on a daily basis.  This process is called remodeling.  Our bones are like a bank account.  The more that we deposit early in life, the more we can afford to draw out of the deposit as we grow older.  Most people never think of their bone health until it  has been diagnosed as osteoporosis or a fracture occurs.  This is at a time when it is far more difficult to replace the bone than when we could have built a more dense foundation of bone early in life.  As we get older, we can’t draw money out of the bank account that we don’t have unless we were wise enough to deposit money throughout our lifetime.  Our bone health is exactly the same.  Our bones are completely formed before age 20.  If we don’t form healthy bone density and structure early in life, we’ll increase the risk of osteoporosis in our later years.  The American diet is not advantageous for healthy bone.  It is highly acidic due to grains, refined carbohydrates, sugar, and soft drinks which all cause an acidic condition in the body causing more calcium to be leached out of the bone and soft tissue reserves to buffer the acid as calcium is an alkaline substance.  Just taking calcium and vitamin D, or calcium, magnesium and vitamin D does not have an impact on bone health.  Doctors are continually increasing the suggested calcium levels, but without other nutrients to increase calcium absorption, calcium can be harmful to cardiovascular function.  Read my entire article on bone health at www.TerryTalksNutrition.com.  You can search bone health and discover the nutrients that are absolutely more effective for treating osteoporosis without side effects than the prescription drugs.  Actually, the drugs to treat osteoporosis only make the bone more rigid and inflexible causing the bone to easily break.  More fractures of the femur (thigh bone) and jaw bone are due to long term use of bisphosphonates.