There are numerous occasions where medical authorities or so called experts slam natural products that are touted for the prevention and treatment of cancer, or for that matter any health condition. They claim that the natural products do not work, there is no real science and are not only dangerous but they keep the consumer from seeking proper medical treatment for cancer.


In some respect this is true. I am not pointing out any particular natural treatment for cancer nor am I recommending a treatment. My point is to bring up the fact that current approved medical cancer treatment is also very destructive to the human body, extremely expensive and costs this nation billions of dollars for a few more months for many cancer patients to live at best. Plus, in the last 50 years we have not at all improved our death rate from dying from cancer. And in fact, many die from the treatment before they die from cancer.

Cancer death rates have gone from 1 in 25 of the population 100 years ago to 1 in 2. By the year 2050, if we do not change our lifestyle choices, it is predicted to be the number one cause of deaths passing heart disease. Everyone will die from cancer.

I just was informed from a very good friend that his grandfather of 93 was diagnosed with prostate cancer and they will began chemo treatment immediately. This is absolutely barbaric, cruel and insane.


Please consider the advanced age of the patient and allow the poor man to die in dignity and not die because of the inhumane cancer treatment. Some of the top medical research has proven that at an advanced age (over 70) the patient will die from some other cause and outlive prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is so slow growing that it is uncommon for the patient to die from the cancer after the age of 65-70.

Doctors are so quick to want to provide an answer for the family. I don’t know the motivating factor for such treatment. Could it be motivated by greed and money or just to avoid a lawsuit from family members? Or, the doctor knows the family will just go to another doctor anyway so they may as well treat the patient. The patient’s concerns are usually of least interest.