Neuropathy and Shingles Have a Lot in Common

Shingles are caused by a virus that, in healthy people, lies dormant and inactive in the nervous system.  Neuropathy is a disorder of the nervous system which then causes burning and painful feet, numbing and tingling of the extremities or both, while not life threatening can cause a great deal of misery.  I’ve heard more than one doctor claim there is no cure for neuropathy or shingles.  After watching TV commercials with their very dramatized characters pushing vaccines for shingles, which irritates me to no end, you would think there is nothing you can do with a natural alternative.  But basically, the nervous system is dependent on a number of nutritional factors which is not found in the American diet.  L-methylfolate, L-methylcobalamin, P-5-P, thiamin, chromium, biotin, and lipoic acid are some of the most critical nutrients to support the nervous system.  When supported properly with these nutrients, it significantly reduces the effects of neuropathy and the outbreak of shingles.  Maintaining a healthy balance of these nutrients will, in a few short weeks, provide powerful support to the nervous system.