Let your food be your medicine.

While studies may prove coffee helpful, I believe there can be better choices. I think it all boils down to the amount of antioxidants that we consume daily. Typically, we should consume 7-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily but unfortunately less than 9% of adults meet this level and only 5% of children consume the 7-9 servings. This would be the best choice for our daily antioxidants. Expert advice that 50% of all heart disease, stroke and many forms of cancer are due to a lack of fruits and veggies in the diet. Just using olive oil every day can reduce the risk of a stroke by 71%. Let your food be your medicine. No drug can claim this huge health benefit.

Coffee may help some Parkinson’s disease symptoms
A study published in Neurology shows that while drinking caffeine each day does not appear to help improve sleepiness among people with Parkinson’s disease, it may have a benefit in controlling movement.