It seems that people eat for three reasons, Convenience, Price and Taste.

Usually, there is no consideration for the quality of food and its level of nutrients.  We have been so influenced by TV advertising for low cost fast food that does not provide much in the way of vitamins and minerals but certainly provides a huge number of calories.  Our bodies are dependent on vitamins and minerals that are required to be resupplied on a daily basis because most vitamins and minerals cannot be stored in the body.  100 years ago our grandparents and great grandparents gave no thought to what they ate as most foods then were healthy, natural and nutritious.  Then, along came the era of 2-5% of the population supplying food for 95-97% of the population.  That caused refining and processing of foods to preserve shelf life and lessen the spoilage of food during storage and shipping.  It’s not possible for most families to grow their own food, but my suggestion is to support your local farmers and look for locally grown food with an emphasis on organic or at least buy from farmers who don’t subscribe to commercially sprayed and fertilized crops.