I wonder how much money Terry Bradshaw is paid for his time to produce the shingles ad.

You may have seen the very dramatic ads on TV of people who had an outbreak of shingles and the pain they had to endure. I know you are probably wondering if you should arm yourself with the shingles vaccine.

Yes, of course, I believe these people had a horrible time dealing with the virus and the pain it caused. But, let’s think about the health of their body first. I believe the body and its healthy state are already compromised before a viral outbreak can take place. What kind of lifestyle are these people living? Are they already on a variety of prescription drugs that can lower the immune system? Are they eating a healthy diet, or living to eat rather than eating to live?

How much alcohol are they consuming? Are they burning the candle at both ends? How much stress are they struggling with?  Are they getting by on little or no sleep? Are they smoking a few packs of cigarettes a day?

The virus is like a bad weed in our beautiful garden (body). To keep our garden healthy, we practice several sessions of weeding. Keep the weeds from spreading. If we don’t take care of our garden (body), it will be overrun by weeds (virus). A healthy garden has few or no weeds and a healthy body can fight against the virus.

Yes they absolutely want you to get the vaccine and every other drug out there because they can see billions of dollars racking up. Do you need the vaccine?

I really don’t know, that’s up to you and your doctor. Will I get the vaccine? Absolutely not!!!! I would rather try to do my best to keep the weeds (virus) out of my garden (body). Drugs do not make us healthy.  Most drugs will make us unhealthier and, therefore, require more drugs.  Prevention for all disease is a healthy body. Disease is not lurking in the dark and strikes some poor unfortunate person.  It’s not based on the roll of the dice. We first set the internal environment of our bodies that allows the weeds (disease) to spread. The healthier we are the more we can withstand the onslaught of viruses and other forms of disease. The diet today recommended by the AMA, AHA, and USDA, that really is our fuel for good health, has been transformed into very unhealthy choices. Our current diet is totally wrong. The emphasis should be on saturated fats (butter, cream, lard, eggs, and meat) not polyunsaturated fats such as vegetable oils.  The best choices are olive oil, coconut oil, sesame seed oil, animal proteins and their fats, non-starchy vegetables, berries nuts and seeds.  Use alcohol in moderation but no juice or soft drinks. Consume very little carbohydrates, less than 50-60 grams a day.

It really is true that food is our medicine. Good, healthy food choices means good health.  Bad food choices may lead to bad health.

We follow the recommended manufacturers tips when to service our car and the proper gas to use to maintain better performance. We know the cost and damage of not taking care of our car.

We have been so brain washed to believe that all our illnesses that occur in our bodies are out of our control and only a doctor and their prescription drugs are the answer. This is hogwash!!!!!!!   We are responsible for our health to the best of our ability.  Yes, there will always be conditions outside of our control. But not every virus, bacteria or inflammatory condition (80-90% of all our diseases are due to inflammation) is due to a deficiency of a drug. The right food is our medicine. SAD the “Standard American Diet” is our downfall. The American diet is an inflammatory diet. We are a nation of inflammation.

I wonder how much money Terry Bradshaw is paid for his time to produce the shingles ad.  He is not doing it based on his concerns for you.

While drugs and doctors can save lives, we can live a much better quality of life if and when we take control of our health and focus on eating healthy foods and not just live to eat. The American diet is killing Americans just as fast as bullets are.