I’ve been asked by a countless number of people whether or not I would get a vaccine.

I’ve been asked by a countless number of people whether or not I would get a vaccine, and what is my opinion of the vaccine?  First of all, let me remind you that I am not a physician nor do I hold any medical degrees that would entitle me to prescribe a vaccine for you or to give you advice one way or the other regarding whether or not you should take the vaccine.

Because of the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus and the effect that it has on the country, regarding the number of positive cases, deaths, lockdowns, and loss of employment, the government and the FDA are trying to meet this crisis by pushing through vaccine production in a matter of months.  These are new vaccines that have never been manufactured before, as no medical researchers or scientists have ever seen this strain of virus.  There never was a vaccine prepared for the COVID-19 crises.

Any vaccine developed today has to be considered a new drug.  What are the normal regulations required by the FDA to manufacture a new drug?  By following the FDA regulations for a new drug, the average time for production, testing, regulations, and waiting approval is typically a 10 year timeline at a cost of 1.5 billion dollars.  The amount of research required by the FDA is tremendous, as well it should be.  When a drug company develops a drug, it’s a brand new molecule that has never been on the face of the earth until it was artificially and synthetically produced.  All the requirements by the FDA for the drug regulation makes great sense as no one, drug company or FDA, can predict the side effects, effectiveness, or the long-term risks of a new drug.

Now, all vaccines that are being produced today, are being produced in less than a year.  Because of the emergency due to the implications of the COVDI-19 virus, there is little or no research to know the long-term effects of the vaccine.  Because of the uncertainty of the side effects or adverse events, I personally choose not to be vaccinated against the virus. The FDA has never approved any vaccine available today, therefore, it is only to be used for an emergency.  If you accept to be vaccinated against the virus with any one of the vaccines available today, you are essentially a guinea pig, or test subject.

Let me give you an example of the calculated risks and why I’m personally against being vaccinated.  If Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer, were to design and build a new aircraft that would carry several hundred people without first testing it in any manner, were to invite you as a passenger to be on its first flight, would you accept to be its first passenger?   I don’t think too many people would raise their hand to be a passenger on an untested aircraft, but people are lining up for the vaccine that has little or no research to predict its side effects or long-term adverse events. And yet, we are all asked or encouraged to be a guinea pig by accepting a vaccine. I don’t want to be a passenger on an untested aircraft, and I don’t want to be vaccinated with an untested vaccine.  When you are vaccinated and you experience side effects or a serious adverse event, you are on your own. The U.S. Government and all drug companies that offer the vaccine are not libel to you for any damages that may harm or kill you.