I Often Wonder How We Survived For Over 3 Million Years Until the 1950s When We Were Told Drugs Would Extend Our Life.

No other country in the world prescribes the amount of drugs that we do in the U.S.  No other country in the world is allowed to advertise drugs on TV.  The pharmaceutical companies control what some may believe is the healthcare system in America.  While drugs have their place and can save lives in an emergency or crisis, they have become a mainstay for a lack of a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle choices.  100 years ago, our grandparents and great grandparents consumed food in their natural state.  What we buy today as organic food, our grandparents called it food.  There was no need for drugs to be prescribed in the early 1900s as they are today.

So what caused the huge increase of prescription drugs?  Just think about the fact that the drugs today were not necessary nor were they available 60 to 80 years ago.  Our grandparents and great grandparents lived as long as we do today.  They did not have the challenges of the diseases we have today.  They did not have to fight the battle of the bulge.  Children were not overweight or obese.  Most medical experts believe the answer is that we need more and better drugs to solve the problems of today’s ills.

The real change that has come about is that our diet has changed because of commercial interest and financial greed.  The American diet, as it is consumed today, is responsible for the diseases that drugs are prescribed for.  The great need is to change the diet.  Avoid refined carbohydrates and reduce carbohydrates overall.  Avoid sugar and vegetable oils.

Get back to eating a healthy diet of animal proteins, animal fats, olive oil, coconut oil, cream, butter, lard and eggs, fruits, vegetables and berries – the diet of our ancestors.  Of course, it will take time to make these changes and see the results but, if we don’t make these changes, it will be our children and grandchildren that will pay the price of more heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and the rest of the degenerative diseases.