How Do You Measure Body Strength?

The most common question most people ask when measuring strength is, how much can you bench press?  I am not a strength coach or trainer, but I just don’t understand why the bench press is so highly regarded as a measure of strength.  Even professional teams, including the NFL, measure their athletes by the number of bench presses  that can be done consecutively with 225 pounds.  I don’t see how that measures their strength.  The bench press can only be done until the triceps give out and become fatigued. Strong triceps will never win a game.  Especially for a professional football player, they are not apt to win games with their triceps.  Strength does not come from strong triceps. Strength comes from a strong back, hips, core, and legs (gluts and hamstrings).  I think the true measure of strength can be determined by how many squats can be counted with 300 pounds, how many dead lifts with 400 pounds, and top that off with the farmers walk, which requires carrying half their body weight in each hand for 50 yards, similar to a farmer carrying a milk can in each hand. A 350 pound player would then be required to carry 175 pounds in each hand for 30-40 yards.
In most cases the bench press is usually done so quickly that momentum helps carry the weight and not true strength.