Health is Not an Accident!

Today, since we are bombarded by so much advertising for what seems to be ideal foods, how do we know what is true or false?  I have found that people usually buy food for three reasons, price, convenience and taste.  If someone buys food and it’s too much trouble to prepare or too time consuming, more than likely they’ll not buy it again.  If it’s fast and convenient, that’s one step forward to keeping that food on the table.  But if it didn’t taste good, they’re not going to buy it again.  So, a lot of unhealthy fat and sugar is going to make it taste good.  Remember I said unhealthy fat, I didn’t say we should avoid fat.  Fat is very necessary and very healthy.  All this emphasis on avoiding fat is absolutely ridiculous.  You can’t live without fat, but since people are trying to live on low fat diets, that has caused more cancer, heart disease and obesity in America.  It all comes from refined carbohydrates, sugar and refined fats and oils.  The third reason for buying food is price.  If it’s cheap they’ll buy it again, but if it’s cheap you know they did a good deal of refining or processing or made it out of cheap, refined carbohydrates, white sugar, white salt, refined vegetable oils and coloring.  And we call it food!