Have You Seen the TV Commercials Dramatized by Firemen and a US Marshall Who Claim That During Their Work Years That They Never Suffered Injury as They Did During Their Painful Episodes of Shingles Outbreak?

Those commercials air quite frequently and I often wonder if they are really a fireman and U.S. Marshall.  I can’t believe that drug companies get away with such theatrical shenanigans to present a condition to cause fear in the viewer that will initiate them to request a vaccine to avoid such suffering.  Come on!  Viruses will always be within us, and they are only active when we have compromised our immune system when the virus becomes active.  Drugs, chemicals, alcohol, excessive sun, smoking, and deficient diet, are all causes of an unhealthy immune system.  But rather than educating the public to make lifestyle changes to be healthy, drug companies salivate when they know they can find another way to sell a drug.  Just today, I saw a news report that a drug company spent 10.4 billion dollars on a biotech company researching cancer drugs.  The president of the drug company said that’s where the future would lie for the growth of their company.  Like any industry, companies within the industry look for new ways to market their product.  Breweries want to sell more beer.  The clothing industry wants to entice you to buy more clothes.  Car manufacturers look for ways to change their product and add more bells and whistles to entice you to buy a new car more often.  Drug companies are not humanitarians.  They are also looking for ways to add more bells and whistles and marketing hype to sell their products.  They wine and dine doctors with pretty sales ladies that give them the spiel as to what they can use their drugs for.  They invite them to seminars in far off exotic places.  We take far too many drugs in the U.S.  It seems the only answer for the ills of America are drugs.  Billions and trillions of dollars are spent on drugs and health care when the majority of the diseases we have today are self-inflicted by the way we choose to live our life.  By eating garbage food, excessively drinking alcohol, smoking and related products, and consuming refined and processed packaged foods, we are sorely deficient in vitamins and minerals, the nutrients required to maintain health.  If they would take the 20 to 30 billion dollars on cancer research and dedicate it to educational cancer prevention, we would make more progress, as Richard Nixon said, finding a cure for cancer in his lifetime.  90% of cancers today are related to the American lifestyle.