Food preparation methods are based on profit and not for the nutritional content.

I am absolutely convinced and want to make it perfectly clear that many of our so-called diseases such as premature aging and mental diseases like ADD and ADHD, cancer and other diseases are based on bodily malfunctions, specifically from the absence of vital nutrients in the body along with the loss of trace minerals and inability to maintain normal blood sugar levels, and toxins from chemicals and pollutants. The Standard American Diet cannot provide an abundance of nutrients to maintain good health. The American diet provides an abundance of empty calories from refined and processed foods. Most Americans today suffer the loss of several vital nutrients on a daily basis. Over a period of time, this severe deficiency causes malnutrition malfunction and disease. We are not deficient in drugs. We are deficient in vital nutrients even though we try our best to select the best diet possible. Our foods are deficient because our soil has been depleted of minerals and natural farming methods have been replaced with chemicals, toxic sprays and pesticides. Our food additionally loses lots of nutrients caused by lengthy storage time and transportation over thousands of miles. Additionally, nutrients are lost when foods are prepared and served in restaurants. Food preparation methods are based on profit and not for the nutritional content. Most Americans are unhealthy due to the unwholesome American diet. Then drugs are prescribed to bring some comfort to those who suffer diseases. This process will continue to get worse as we are not eating a diet to maintain good health and prevent disease, so each generation is going to get sicker and sicker. We live on our so-called modern diet from prepackaged foods, high calorie empty snacks, and adulterated foodstuffs. For now, the solution is to select the best healthy diet possible and supplement the diet with a high-quality vitamin and mineral supplement, not just a one-a-day but a formulation which provides all the nutrients in several tablets daily.