Drugs Prescribed for GERD Cause Extensive damage.

Pharmaceuticals or drugs are not the answer.  You will find better solutions in health food stores if the product you choose is of the highest quality and backed by scientific research.  For example, if you have an ulcer, DGL will cure your ulcer faster than any other drug on the market.  If you have GERD, DGL with a probiotic, or D-limonene (citrus peel oil) and Sea buckthorn oil will also benefit anyone with GERD.  Drugs that are prescribed for GERD are designed to eliminate all acid but all acid is not bad.  We need sufficient quantities of acid in the digestive process to break down the protein found in our food into individual amino acids and peptides.  We cannot digest and assimilate calcium, iron or B12 without acid in our stomach.  These prescribed drugs block all acids, therefore, creating deficiencies of calcium, iron, B12, and proteins which creates additional problems such as anemia, osteoporosis and malnutrition.  Drugs prescribed for GERD cause extensive damage which may require additional prescriptions.  Before you decide that a drug is necessary for your condition, please discuss fully with your doctor the consequences and the benefit to risk ratio.  No drug is safe.