Do you have a fear of eating fats?

You probably have heard, like I have, oh, if I eat fats, it could possibly cause a heart attack or a stroke. Eating fats? Are you kidding?  I am overly fat now.  I don’t want to gain more fat.

My doctor told me to reduce the amount of fat I eat, and I should only eat very lean meat, and then maybe only just once or twice a week. We were told the fat and cholesterol from meat and eggs would build up in our arteries and cause heart disease. The healthy advice was just 1 egg per week to prevent heart disease.

With heart disease the number 1 killer of Americans, should we be concerned with the amount of animal fat we are eating?

Are fats bad for us?  Yes, some fats are bad for us, but more on this later.

In the early 1900’s there were no concerns about eating any kind of fat, including animal fats. But in the early 1950’s, a prominent physician made a very hasty observational review of other countries and, without any scientific studies to draw a scientific conclusion, decided that fats of all kinds, except those fats that came from grains and vegetables, were bad for us.

Food manufacturers, physicians, dieticians, and even the US government supported the unproven and unscientific conclusion and, therefore, began the anti-fat diet campaign.

After almost 70 years of this campaign to eat a low fat diet, heart disease and heart attacks are still the number 1 killer of Americans.


Even though fats have been demonized, they are not the enemy. Today, based on avoiding fats, 91% of American are overly fat and almost 50% of Americans, regardless of race, are obese.

So what is the cause of heart disease and 98% of all disease?

After a few years of avoiding fats, the prominent diary food that tasted reasonably well was carbohydrates (CARBS) and sugar. Eating sugar prior to the low fat craze was about 4-6 pounds of sugar per individual annually, and now today, it is up to 200-250 pounds of sugar annually plus the huge amounts of carbs and extra insult from High Fructose Corn Syrup. This huge amount of sugar is far beyond the capacity for insulin to control and shuttle into the cells to burn for energy. So, where does sugar go? It is converted into fat and stored in every cell in the body. The same fat Americans were told to avoid. Fat is not the enemy, it is our healthy friend.

The bottom line solution is to avoid sugar in any form. And, reduce the quantity of carbs to less than 100 grams per day versus the typical 400-500 grams of carbs eaten by the majority of Americans today.

I am convinced from all that I have researched, that we can prevent, reverse, and slow down the process of all diseases by adopting a low carb diet and adopting a high protein and high fat diet. This is the diet of our ancestors, who did not have access to grains and carbohydrates.

While we should be eating animals fats, butter, whole cream, lard, olive oil and macadamia nut oil, we should avoid all vegetable oils that are polyunsaturated and high in Omega 6, such as corn, soy, safflower seed, sunflower, grape seed oil, canola and peanut oils. All these oils are responsible for whole body inflammation.

Where do we start?  Search,, or to help you make the changes to a healthier life. FOOD IS YOUR BEST MEDICINE!

My reading recommendations are the following:

Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis

The Paleo Diet, Loren Cordain Phd

Grain Brain, Dr. David Perlmutter

Life Without Bread, Dr. Wolfgang Lutz