Do guns kill?

Because of the power that guns yield, they often do so much damage and affect so many people that the tragedy is overwhelming.

However, any instrument, gun, car or explosive can kill without warning. But, someone triggers that instrument. Before we outlaw guns, let’s look at the person who makes the choice to kill.  I think anyone who takes a life for no other reason but to kill has to be somewhat insane.

So who is this person? What is happening to our society? Do we need gun control? No, we need diet and prescription drug control (education). Without diet and prescription drug control, we are creating a society that is mentally unbalanced.

The brain is an organ that is very sensitive to chemical change. School age children are eating a diet that is extremely high in refined sugar.  In fact, just over 200 pounds annually per each child. Sugar is toxic and poison to the brain. Aspartame and thousands of other chemicals are consumed daily by children. They too are poison. I believe the answer is to give our children a wholesome, unrefined and unprocessed diet. But, everyone is brain washed to believe that fats are harmful, so our normal diet consumed 60-70 years ago of animal proteins, animal fats and some plant fats along with fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and berries is not healthy, so it has been replaced with an everyday diet of junk food, refined sugar and refined carbohydrates.  Now we have human brains which are deficient due to the all American diet, and chemically altered by the sugar, refined carbs and the 80,000 chemicals in our environment. And to top that off, when anyone including a child shows symptoms of depression or unusual behavior, they are drugged by school authorities and doctors. These drugs can leave the individual impaired to take their own life and the life of others. Our diet has changed more in just the past 60-70 years than it has in the previous 3 million years.  Drugs, sugar and a junk food diet can cause the brain to malfunction and who knows what happens in the brain of an over fed but malnourished child. Drugs are not the answer, they may be the cause.  Have you ever heard of children being placed on medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, ADD and ADHD 60 years ago? Well, today that appears to be normal. Our diet today is dead wrong.  But it’s good business for the drug companies.  Drug companies want Americans to believe that all our problems are to be solved with drugs. When the drug is discovered, then they look for a condition to call a disease to be treated with the ”new” drug discovery. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.