More evidence why we should not entirely blame guns but blame the brain that pulls the trigger.

Although I disagree with blaming saturated fats since cultures have consumed saturated fats for thousands of years.

Animals are currently fed corn to increase their fat content which increases Omega-6 fatty acids. Grass fed cattle will have a higher content of Omega-3 fatty acids.

It is not the animal fat that is bad for us, it is how much we have altered the fat content in animals from its original form of fat. Plus, the huge quantity of trans-fatty acids we consume every day along with artificial synthetic fats like margarine or hydrogenated fats, no matter how soft the spread is or how smart the spread is. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

Our diet has been so altered in the last 60 years that we are creating brain dead people.

Half the kids in our schools today are legally drugged with many on anti-depressants. Have you ever heard of kids on medication to treat depression, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol 60 years ago? Well it’s common today and nobody seems to care. Drug companies and doctors just keep pushing more drugs as the answer. We are not deficient in drugs!! We are deficient in all the nutrients that are loss and not found in the 200 plus pounds of sugar that every American eats every year, and not found in all the refined carbohydrates and refined flours that make up the pasta, bread, pizza dough and desserts that are consumed liberally. Americans are brain washed to believe that fats are bad;  so everyone has jumped on the high carb diet. And what happened?  We now have an epidemic of obesity and overweight kids in our schools.

What has changed? The American diet is more responsible than anything else. CHANGE YOUR DIET AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR BRAIN AND YOUR LIFE.


Western diet may cause brain impairment and neurodegenerative conditions, say researchers

Consumption of a high fat, high sugar, Western style diet leads to the long-term impairment of brain functioning and may contribute to the development of neurodegenerative conditions, say scientists reviewing decades of evidence… Read