Bone Spurs Are Not Bone

Many people actually go under the knife to have bone spurs scraped off the bone where the spur is attached.  If not surgery, it is then steroids injected into the site of the bone spur or powerful pain relieving drugs having major side effects.  Bone spurs are not bone.  Spurs are made up of a collection of calcium and mineral crystals.  They are not a hard undissolvable collection of bone.  When calcium is leached out of the bone and soft tissue reserves to buffer the acidity of the body which is caused by the typical American diet, this free floating calcium has little ability to be reabsorbed into bone and, therefore, these calcium crystals collect in an area where there’s been an injury or poor blood flow.  It’s like debris collecting in a river or stream impeding the flow of water.  Many bone spurs can be broken up with proper massage.  This is easy to do particularly if the bone spur is on the finger, hands or heel, but when bone spurs collect on the spine or in the neck area it may be difficult to do.  The solution to this biochemical malfunction is to increase the acidity temporarily.  This can be done with apple cider vinegar which is not the best solution since it’s a very mild acidity at only 5%.  A remedy that has been used for many years is the combination of calcium chloride, calcium phosphate, magnesium glycerol phosphate, ammonium chloride and betaine hydrochloride.  Adding vitamin C and P-5-P to this combination would make a very powerful formula for dissolving bone spurs such as what is commonly known as heel spurs.  All those suffering from osteoarthritis have some calcium deposits.  Kidney stones as well can be dissolved with such a formula, but I would suggest with the approval and direction of your physician.  Kidney stones are a serious condition and complications can occur if you try to move them or dissolve them without a doctor providing assistance.  If and when you are free of kidney stones, P-5-P and magnesium will create a condition which prevents kidney stones from forming.