Black Pepper and Piperine

I do not recommend using black pepper, otherwise known as piperine, to enhance curcumin absorption because it is contraindicated in the vast majority of prescription medications on the market. If you’re taking an antiseizure medication, or asthma drugs, or something for hypertension (high blood pressure), any number of cancer drugs, certain HIV drugs, etc., you cannot take piperine/ black pepper as a supplement or used to enhance a supplement as it alters drug metabolism. ¬†Ok to sprinkle pepper on your eggs, etc., as it will do little harm, but used as a supplement or added to any supplement can be very problematic.

Additionally, it enhances the absorption of certain dietary toxins like aflatoxin found in peanuts and peanut butter. As you know, aflatoxin is carcinogenic, but we don’t have difficulties eating peanuts because human beings are used to a small amount of aflatoxin. We are unaffected by it. There is some discussion, however, about the long-term health consequences of individuals using piperine and absorbing things like aflatoxin and other natural toxins at 20 times the usual rate. Therefore, I do not choose to use black pepper extract piperine for the enhancement absorption system.