Best Natural Alternative to Fight Colds and Flu

In my opinion, the best natural alternative to fight colds and flu is the combination of zinc and selenium. Doing research, I learned that 3 billion people worldwide who are deficient in zinc and selenium are susceptible to colds, flu and infections versus those who have sufficient levels of these two minerals that can prevent colds, flu and infections.  Those people with sufficient levels of zinc and selenium have strong and healthy immune systems.

My biggest concern is for children in low income families who have low intakes of animal foods, especially red meat, which is the richest dietary source of zinc. Unfortunately, the diet of most children is made up of cereals and grain products; bread, pasta, and beans, which has some zinc but are also high in phytate and other indigestible zinc binding compounds, etc.

When any living thing has ample zinc and selenium in the diet, various aspects of the immune system and its many natural killer cells that kill viruses, bacteria, and tumor cells become active, effective, and block, kill, and prevent cold and flu viruses and viral infections.

Not only will children benefit from added zinc and selenium to the diet but the elderly will as well. I wonder how many elderly people died during the pandemic only because they were sorely deficient in zinc and selenium. Could it be that simple? YES, thousands of studies have shown that people with high blood levels of zinc and selenium could prevent and cure infections of all kinds.

A number of studies also indicated that people with low levels of zinc who were placed on a ventilator would more than likely die. Zinc and selenium deficiency are a huge factor in morbidity from H1N1.

I am convinced after reviewing many of the thousands of studies on zinc and selenium killing and blocking viral infections, that it would have saved lives and the unnecessary lock downs had this information been given to the American people rather than masks, vaccines, and closing of schools, plus all the other destructive poppy cock that was passed out.

Find a supplement with approximately 30 mg zinc and 200 mcg of selenium per serving, based on these dosages, take 1-2 servings daily.The 30 mg of zinc and the 200 mcg of selenium is an adult dosage. For children look for an appropriate supplement that has an approved dosage for children.