Be careful of what and where you buy your curcumin products

While curcumin is now being hailed as a very powerful medicine, not all curcumin nor turmeric are the same. Many companies are taking advantage of the consumers who have yet to understand the difference and what story to believe. Here, for example, is a product being shouted out as a favorite from a well-known website host, HAWAIIAN TURMERIC GUMMY BEARS. You are being misled terribly by someone you thought you could trust. Shame on him. The medical research has typically used 1000 mg of super absorption curcumin in clinical studies for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. These gummy bears, containing 100 mg of turmeric with 2.5 mg of curcumin, would therefore, require one to consume 400 gummy bears a day to consume the clinically studied dosage. This well-known host also questions the quality of curcumin coming from India and China. To be fair, there is good and bad coming from all countries. The BS that this host is spreading is as tainted as the poor quality curcumin he is condemning. There are many companies extracting curcumin the right way with food grade solvents in India. Unfortunately, this is not true for all companies. You are more apt to be screwed buying off the internet than anywhere else. This is why you want to shop in your local health food store where you can talk to the knowledgeable staff. You should also write to the manufacturing companies that you intend to buy from and ask them to supply you with the evidence to support their products.

Be careful of what and where you buy your curcumin products.

Your health depends on QUALITY not marketing hype.