Are You Getting Enough Protein to Be Healthy?

Most people have no idea how much protein they are getting daily or how much they should be getting. It is hard to estimate the protein needs of everyone, but it’s safe to say that most people would do so much better getting between 100-125 grams of protein daily. We lose a substantial amount of muscle every decade of our lives and without getting an adequate level of protein, the muscle builder, we lose our strength over every decade to the point that the elderly cannot walk as well, get out of a chair without sometime helping them, or they are unable to take long walks.

Protein is vital to maintain a healthy, strong, lean, fit body. If we are very active and desire to lose weight, we may want to increase our daily intake of protein. Scientists have not figured out how protein figures into an excellent weight loss protocol, but when obese and overweight people include a high protein, low carb diet, the extra pounds just fall off, with no need to count calories, measure portions, or walk away from the table hungry. Protein decreases the appetite and speeds up metabolism, burning more calories 24 hours a day.

Highly active individuals, exercising several times weekly, the overweight and the elderly, would benefit greatly from a high protein diet. There is a need for some carbs in the diet, but probably less than 75 grams per day, and no sugar, ever.

Proteins do a lot more than just build and repair muscle. They regulate hormones, speed up metabolism, and curb your hunger.

Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet (SAD) is extremely high in carbs and sugar, not muscle builders. They are fat builders. Obesity rates are off the charts. Almost 50% of American adults are obese and 18% of children as well. 30% of the 50% non-obese people are overly fat.

My blog is to call your attention to the need for more daily protein to strengthen muscles and bones, and to shed those extra pounds safely and easily, and to become mentally and physically fit. There are diets designed just for you, which you can find on the websites below.

Here is where you can start your homework.

Websites you can learn from and trust:
Terry’s diet found under “terry recommends”.