Are drugs necessary? Yes, of course, but…

Over the 4th of July I did nothing but play with my dogs and relaxed in my hot tub and sauna. But in between, I joined the Shark Tank Marathon on cable TV. I am sure this was an old episode but I found it sad and unbelievable that most Americans, including Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank fame and Vice President Biden, think that cancer is caused by an unknown beast that we have to find a way to kill.

In Robert’s case, a vet was trying to make a deal on Shark Tank with one of the shark investors to launch his pet food product that he claimed prevented cancer and heart disease. Robert was appalled that the vet thought he could prevent cancer. I am not in support of what the vet was trying to sell, but we all should know how to prevent cancer or at least how to reduce the risk of cancer.

And to Vice President Biden; my heart goes out to you and your family for the loss of your son as well as to everyone else who has lost a loved one.

But the problem with treating and researching cancer is that it is a money pool for the entire medical monopoly. They don’t want anyone to know that we are creating our own cancer cells every day.  We do have the ability through lifestyle choices and diet to lower our risk of cancer, or we can increase our risk of having cancer by ignoring the potential risks of cancer by continuing to smoke, the cause of 30% of all cancers in America.

Less than 9% of adult Americans and kids eat less than the lifesaving fruits and vegetables that function as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that protect us from cancer, heart disease, and almost all current chronic diseases.  Most Americans are deficient in multiple vitamins and minerals that may protect us from cancer.

Obesity is another cause of cancer and 75% of Americans are grossly overweight and downright obese.

We can ignore a healthy diet and eat poor quality junk food, a potential higher risk of having cancer by as much as 35% of all types of cancers. The U.S. government allows food manufacturers the use of 55,000 chemicals in our food and beverages, and even the water we drink is potentially cancer causing. The use of toxic cancer causing pesticides may cause another 30% of potential cancers.

Our lack of activity also increases the risk of cancer.

Just the American lifestyle contributes to the cause of 90-95% of all cancer.

We can prevent and treat cancer every day by changing our lifestyle choices and the quality of our environment.

The amount of drugs prescribed are also poisoning Americans and, in themselves, are capable of causing cancer

There is no cure for cancer outside of what Americans are doing to themselves. Americans are causing cancer with the help of their government.

Let food be your medicine and your only medicine!!

Are drugs necessary?  Yes, of course, but not for making up for the wrong lifestyle choices we make, but to save lives in an emergency.