A one-a-day vitamin supplement is not the answer.

Everyone will benefit from taking a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement.  Some studies have shown that it will increase the lifespan 3-6 years.  That’s a small price to pay for enjoying additional years of life.  A one-a-day vitamin supplement is not the answer.  It would be impossible to capture all the vitamins and minerals in the quantities the body requires in a one tablet dosage.  Many of our health concerns today are the result of a deficiency of vitamins and minerals.  While many herbal products and nutritional supplements can have great benefits, I think it’s wise to build a foundation of all the vitamins and nutrients in an adequate dosage to ensure against any deficiencies.  There are literally hundreds of symptoms associated with a lack of vitamins and minerals: fast food, refined and processed foods, poor diet, excessive quantities of sugar plus the deficiencies that are caused by drugs, chemicals, tobacco and alcohol.  Everyone in America stands to gain by taking a vitamin supplement.  My only choice is a nutritional formula that is designed for everyone.  I’m not particularly fond of specific vitamin supplements for men, women and children.  I think a vitamin supplement could satisfy the requirements for all ages and genders.  The only way to get all the nutrients required is to search out a high quality vitamin and mineral formula that’s provided in 6 tablets daily.  Most vitamin and mineral supplements that are found in drug stores would hardly keep a cockroach or mouse alive.  Look for the best and highest quality in your health food store.