A Healthy Body is the Best Way to Stay Healthy!

Over the last several months, we have been told by medical experts known as virologists, on how to protect ourselves from contracting COVID-19, a very serious viral infection that could lead to death. However, as time goes by, the information disseminated by these experts continues to change to the point that you may not know who to believe or trust.

At the very early stages of the viral contamination, the experts highly recommended a lock down and only essential businesses could remain open. This would lower the risk of the virus spreading. Now 7-8 months later, we are told we can expect a second and more severe wave because the cold winter months will force many people to stay indoors. WHAT??  Have you noticed that there are more positive cases of COVID-19 in states that have a mandate to wear masks when in public?

While this virus is real, we should be cautious and take steps to avoid contracting the virus, the experts have offered little to prevent the infection.  Using hygienic methods, face masks, and social distancing are not preventing or lowering the risk. Here is why I do not have much faith in lowering the risk or preventing positive cases by wearing a face mask.

From a little self-experiment, I covered my mouth and nose with several varieties of face masks that most people wear today.  I was still able to blow out a candle from about 2 feet away. If a mask were to help block the virus from entering your body through your mouth or nose, you would not be able to breathe through the mask and only then would it be effective. Think about COVID-19, try blocking an invisible virus with a mask.

With no drug or vaccine available, how can we lower and prevent the virus from causing infection, inflammation and possibly death?

I absolutely believe a healthy body will serve us well. We have a natural innate system in our body that can, under most conditions, defend and destroy the pathogens, any and all bacterial, viral, fungal, and their potential infections that are trying to attack us. it is our natural immune system that acts as a natural vaccine.

But how do we maintain a healthy immune system, and a healthy and fit body?

1.  Maintain a waist size that is 50% of your height in inches. Lose weight. Obesity and being overly fat weakens your immune system and increases inflammation.

2.  Eat a low carbohydrate, no sugar diet, preferably the Ketogenic diet or Terry’s diet.

3.  Make sure to take daily through diet or supplements,  vitamins A, C, D-3, and E, and the minerals zinc and selenium. Billions of people worldwide are deficient in one or more of these nutrients. These nutrients are essential to maintain a healthy immune system, try to run your car without gas, sounds crazy huh?  And, it’s crazy that we try to live without properly feeding our bodies and our immune system. I would not trust diet alone. Find a supplement that has all these essential, immune enhancing nutrients in one capsule.

4.  Get outdoors for fresh air and sunshine.

5.  Get plenty of sleep, 7-9 hours nightly.

6.  There are three herbs that are considered antimicrobial, Elderberry, Propolis and a very powerful combination of Andrographis and melatonin. Why melatonin? I am writing a new book on Andrographis plus melatonin.  You can order it through Amazon or look for it at your health food store. It should be available soon. There you will learn the power of Andrographis and melatonin.

Food is your best medicine.  Supplements are the fuel that prevent and restore metabolic disorder.

The virus is just the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. A sick, unhealthy body, an overly fat or obese body is unable to ward off the devastating effects of the virus.