90% of all women complaining of fatigue have been found to be deficient in iron.

Iron is the most deficient mineral in the world.  And even today, most supplements do not contain iron.  Iron has gotten a bad rap due to one small inconclusive study that iron may cause heart disease.  50% of all pregnant women are deficient in iron.  One out of every five menstruating women is deficient in iron.  Highly active people and athletes may be deficient in iron.  A combination of iron, magnesium, zinc and copper produce a substance in the body called EPO (erythropoietin).  Our bodies, with the right nutrients, will produce EPO which creates oxygen rich red blood cells.  This is one of the dirty secrets of some athletes and bikers who inject EPO or have a blood transfusion because it increases oxygen rich red blood cells.  Due to strenuous exercise and loss of iron and other nutrients, red blood cells are lost and those that remain carry less oxygen.  By injecting EPO, it dramatically increases endurance and stamina.  For anyone who is less active but wants to feel fantastic, these nutrients when taken orally can provide the body with our own extra EPO, not artificially or synthetically injected, but healthy nutrients that can give renewed vitality.